Leistungsmessgeräte Serie 280X

 One and two-channel power
 meters 2801 and 2802 Direct measurements up to 2000 Vpk and 150 Apk
 The graphic display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs, start and progression diagrams with zoom and scroll functions

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 Power and amplitude  measurements with an accuracy of <0.1%
 Frequency range: DC and 20 mHz .. 200 kHz
peak, rms, rectified and DC component measurements of voltage, current and power
 measurement of THD, PF, harmonics (up to for 100th)
 Integration mode for W-Hr, A-Hr, VA-Hr as well as integrated average power
 interfaces: GPIB, RS-232, USB
 16-bit A / D converter with 235 ksps
 12 configurable digital I / O
 USB flash -Drive

 Type Voltage
VRMS / Vpk
ARMS / Apk
 Number of channels