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  • Programmierbare DC-Speisegeräte der Serie 62000D

    The Chroma 62000D Series programmable bidirectional DC power supplies provide both power source and load characteristics. These two-quadrant power supply units enable power to be converted back from the test object into the supply network and are therefore ideally suited for testing power supply systems for renewable energies such as PV, storage and EV inverters as well as for a large number of bidirectional power conversion systems (PCS) can also be used as a battery simulator. The 62000D power supply unit is used for testing power components in electric vehicles as well as for bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC converters and DC-AC motor drivers and can perform power conversion tests on lithium-ion batteries in both the charging and discharging directions.

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  • Bidirektionale DC-Netzgeräte TopCon TC.GSS

    The development, optimization and testing of modern energy storage systems increasingly require programmable active feed and feedback systems. The TopCon TC.GSS series is the first fully digital power supply unit that can handle both energy directions for feeding and regenerating the load. Modules with +/- 20 and 32 kW and output voltages of 65, 130, 400, 500 and 600 VDC can be combined in series and in parallelTypical areas of application 
    Testing and evaluation of battery systems
    Development and testing of drive trains
    Simulation of on-board systems for land and air vehicles
    Test systems for electrical traction drives, lifts, cranes, light
    railways Evaluation and testing of hybrid concepts
    Electrical processes in process engineering

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  • Bidirektionale DC-Netzgeräte AL3000

    Die Serie AL3000 beinhaltet verschiedenste Modelle von bidirektionalen DC-Netzgeräten. Diese modular aufgebauten Präzisionsinstrumente sind Aufgrund ihrer Struktur (doppelte IGBT-Konvertierung) sowohl für die strengen Anforderungen von Entwicklungslabors als auch für die Flexibilität von manuellen und automatischen Test-Linien konzipiert. Im Lastbereich kann wahlweise zwischen einem Regenerationsmodul für eine Rückspeisung oder einem konventionellen Widerstandsblock gewählt werden

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