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  • Netzsimulator TopCon TC.ACS

    With the increasing spread of decentralized energy systems such as solar, wind and bio power plants, compliance with strict feed-in specifications by manufacturers is becoming more and more important. Network simulators allow the simulation of the most varied network conditions as well as the generation of network faults and disturbances, with which the regenerative devices to be tested can be evaluated and checked.

    REGATRON is breaking completely new ground with the TC.ACS network simulators with full 4-quadrant operation and fully regenerative power. State-of-the-art microcomputer-controlled switching technology with a high clock rate enables energy efficiency that can no longer be compared with analog technology, while at the same time providing high system dynamics and high quality output currentsImportant features 
    Compact and fully modular design
    Incomparably high degree of efficiency in all operating points
    Full feedback capability in 4-Q application
    Operation as an autonomous 4-Q analog amplifier possible (study of network feedback)
    , Hardware-in-the loop operation possible
    User-friendly user software with preconfigured test situations
    System integration in an integral SAS simulation system possible
    Voltage 0 - 280 V per phase,
    module power 50 kVA, full 4-quadrant operation, fully regenerative, power expansion up to 700 kVA,
    frequency range 16 - 1000 Hz (fundamental wave), DC operation possible, modulation bandwidth 3 kHz 

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  • Regenerativer 4-Quadrant-Netzsimulator der Serie 61800

    The new 61800 network simulators were developed to verify the fulfillment of the test requirements according to IEEE 1547 / IEC 61000-3-15 / IEC 62116; they consist of a regenerative 4-quadrant network simulator with numerous voltage waveform simulation options 

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