Programmierbare DC-Netzgeräte Serie GEN 10 kW 3HE

The Genesys power supply units are available as a standard model in versions from 200 W to 15 kW. Combined, solutions of over 100 kW are possible, which are used, among other things, in test systems, in the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry and in the manufacture of components and devices. Other areas of application are medical technology (light sources, lasers, MRI), electroplating, research, particle physics, renewable energies and environmental technology.

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 GENESYS GEN 10 kW model

 10 kW in a 3 U housing
 Integrated RS-232 / RS-485 interface (standard)
 IEE488.2 SCPI interface (GPIB) (option)
 Ethernet / LAN interface, LXI class C compliant (option)
 Isolated analog interfaces (option)

 Type Number of
GEN 10-1000110100010,000
GEN 12.5-800112.580010,000
GEN 20-500120th50010,000
GEN 25-400125th40010,000
GEN 30-333130th33310,000
GEN 40-25014025010,000
GEN 50-20015020010,000
GEN 60-16716016710,000
GEN 80-12518012510,000
GEN 100-100110010010,000
GEN 125-8011258010,000
GEN 150-6611506610,000
GEN 200-5012005010,000
GEN 250-4012504010,000
GEN 300-3313003310,000
GEN 400-25140025th10,000
GEN 500-20150020th10,000
GEN 600-17160017th10,000