Schutzleiterprüfgerät 19572

With the compact and intuitive tester model 19572, the protective conductor resistance can be determined with a test current of up to 45 AAC.

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The 19572 test device from Chroma is used to measure the protective conductor resistance within a range of 0.1–510mΩ. Its compactness and easy operation make it an ideal device for protective conductor tests in production plants as well as in stationary operation. Due to its extremely reliable and stable test results with built-in resistance compensation function, it is an economical and useful protective conductor tester.

Wide resistance measuring
range : 0.1 - 510 mΩ Powerful AC output: 45 A
Protective conductor resistance tester in compact size
Provides reliable and stable test results
Integrated resistance compensation function
Standard RS-232 interface
Optional GPIB interface
Compatible with Model 19070 Series HiPot Tester