Präzisionsleistungsmessgerät LMG641

The modular concept of the LMG641 allows up to 4 measuring channels to be fitted in one device. The combination of measurement modules with different bandwidths and measurement uncertainties enables the free combination of an optimal measurement configuration for any task. The new "Dual Path" technology also allows the simultaneous use of 2 measurement filters during the measurements. This enables a simultaneous evaluation of the measurement signals, but using different cut-off frequencies

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 Modular measuring system (1 - 4 measuring channels)
 3 measuring channel types (A, B and C) with different bandwidths and accuracies
 Best measuring accuracy and analog bandwidth (0.025% for 50 Hz, DC-10 MHz)
 Sampling up to 1.2 MS / s
 Process interface
 DualPath ( filtered and unfiltered measured values)
 Interfaces: CAN, 1 GB-LAN and USB 3.0
 Touch operation
 Various filter options
 Internal measured value memory (SSD)
 Comprehensive evaluation software
 Comprehensive and intuitive customer-specific menu with mathematical formula editor