Leistungsmessgerät LMG610

The 1-channel power meter LMG610 as a compact tabletop device is the most accurate in its class. Narrowband, broadband RMS values and harmonics with a single measurement! 

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 Extremely high measuring accuracy of 0.015% of the measured value + 0.01% of the end of the measuring range value
 Full measuring dynamics consistently from 500 µA to 32 A / 3 mV to 1000 V
 Power measurement from standby to full load (max. 32 A) possible without mechanical change
 Analog bandwidth of DC up to 10 MHz
 device is available in three different configurations, optimized in terms of accuracy, bandwidth and
 costs.Gapless sampling with a resolution of up to 18 bits and a minimum cycle time of 30
 ms.Runtime difference between U and I measurement input <3ns, very precise Measurements at low power factor (PF) and / or high frequencies