Vier-Kanal-Leistungsmessgerät LMG450

The four-channel power meter of the LMG450 series is designed as a universal measuring device for all power electronics and network analysis. It can be used in almost all applications in power electronics, in development and test systems, in quality assurance and operational maintenance. It is fully suitable for frequency converters; It can also be used for measurements on motors, transformers and conventional and clocked power supplies

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 High dynamic range, 6 V to 600 V / 1600 Vpeak, 600 mA to 16 A / 60 A peak in direct measurement
 Acquisition of transients and rapid signal changes with event
 triggering Flicker measurement, interaction between network and consumer
 4 power measurement channels
 RS232 and IEEE interfaces
 Compensated clamp meters and Hall current sensors as an accessory