Programmierbare AC/DC Power Source ASR-2000

The ASR-2000 series, AC + DC voltage sources for system integration or desktop applications, offer the full rated power for both AC and DC output modes. Nine ASR-2000 output
modes are available including: AC power output mode (AC-INT mode)
DC power output mode (DC-INT mode)
AC / DC power output mode (AC + DC-INT mode)
mode with external AC -Signal source (AC-EXT mode)
Mode with external AC / DC signal source (AC + DC-EXT mode)
External AC signal overlay mode (AC-ADD mode)
External AC / DC signal overlay mode (AC + DC-ADD- Mode)
External AC signal synchronization mode (AC-SYNC mode)
External AC / DC signal synchronization mode (AC + DC-SYNC mode)
Narrow version (1/2 rack 19 ") for ASR-2050R and ASR-2100R

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 Output voltages: AC 0 - 350 Vrms, DC 0 - ± 500 V
 Output frequency up to 999.9 Hz
 DC output: up to 100% of the nominal power
 Measured values: Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Irms, IpkH, Iavg, Ipeak, P, S, Q, PF, CF
 Analysis of voltage and current harmonics (THDv, THDi)
 OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, OTP, AC failure detection and fan failure alarm.
 Arbitrary waveform function
 Output power: 500VA / 1000VA Phase
 angle specification when switching on and off Sequence
 and simulation function (up to 10 sets)
 Narrow design (1/2 rack 19 ") for ASR-2050R and ASR-2100R

 model Output voltage
 Output frequency
 Number of phases
ASR-20500 .. 350/0 .. 500DC, 1 .. 999.95001
ASR-2050R0 .. 350/0 .. 500DC, 1 .. 999.95001
ASR-21000 .. 350/0 .. 500DC, 1 .. 999.910001
ASR-2100R0 .. 350/0 .. 500DC, 1 .. 999.910001