MI 2892 Power Master

The NEW MI 2892 PowerMaster is a portable device for analyzing the power quality in three-phase systems, which allows the user with its large, clear graphic color display to detect irregularities in the harmonics and waveforms in the system. The device has been developed both for long-term recordings and for finding and correcting power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. The handy Quick Set buttons make the device even more user-friendly and enable a faster overview of data for troubleshooting. The modern software package PowerView3 enables detailed analyzes of the recorded data, a direct reading of the data from the microSD card, analyzes of the long-term recordings and the automatic creation of professional test reports

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 Voltage: TRMS, peak, crest factor (4-channel)
 Current: TRMS, peak, crest factor (4-channel)
 Power (active power, reactive power, apparent power)
 Power factor, cos φ
 measurement of asymmetries, flicker meter
 analysis of harmonics and interharmonics up to 50. Harmonics, THD measurement
 Energy (active, reactive, generated, consumed)
 Power quality analysis according to EN 50160
 Acquisition and recording of power supply events (shutdowns, interruptions, voltage drops and increases)
 Monitoring and recording of inrush currents
 Waveform display, snapshots and recording
 recording Recording from to 10 adjustable alarms
 Temperature measurement